Vote Treshnish for RSPB’s Nature of Farming Award 2011

Somerset Charrington’s marathon bike ride through Argyll & Bute brought the children of distant communities together and made them feel supported while their schools were under threat. It was an epic journey and, though the weather was appalling, he had smiles for the children at every stop. HIs wife Carolyne is a founder member of ARSN and has made the journey from Mull to almost every meeting we’ve had. Together they’ve made a spectacular contribution to our communities.

Now the Charringtons’ farm, Treshnish on the Isle of Mull is in the running for the RSPB’s Nature of Farming Award 2011. Voting is close and we’re appealing to all ARSN members, and anyone else looking at our site, to take a moment and support two amazing people who have managed to run their farm with nature in mind AND play a major part in a long and hard schools campaign. Voting is easy and can be done at

Voting closes on 31st August so we need you, and as many of your friends as you can harrass, to get on there and vote now!

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