Our Opening Statement

At the inaugural meeting of the Argyll Rural Schools Network held at Lochgilphead on Wednesday 24th November, representatives from schools throughout Argyll agreed the following points:-

  1. We regard Argyll & Bute Council’s proposals to close 26 schools as flawed and undemocratic and reject this process in its entirety. We demand that, in the interests of democracy and transparency, all motions and amendments taken on the issue at the Council meeting to be held on 25th November utilise the roll call system to record the votes.
  2. We demand that, now and in the future, Argyll & Bute Council take cognisance of the School (Consultations) (Scotland) Act 2010 and only considers a rural school for closure when demonstrable educational benefits can be obtained for the children involved.
  3. We demand that, in order to assist council officials to draw up carefully considered proposals, councillors to consider each case on its merits, and communities to have the opportunity to be properly consulted, future school closure proposals should consider no more than two schools at any one time
  4. We demand that Argyll & Bute Council provide all relevant information on the schools closure proposals to the communities concerned in a timely and transparent manner and that all interested members of the public are able to attend all council meetings where schools closures are to be discussed
  5. We give notice that we will fight the current flawed proposals to judicial review if necessary, and will consider nominating pro-school candidates to stand in the May 2012 elections against any councillor who continues to support this attack on our children and our communities.